Image licence

Image licence

The licence to use included in image sales and commissioned work provides:

Self promotional material and PR

  • Printed and digital promotional material, including office display/frames
  • Slide/powerpoint presentations, office reference, portfolio, project profiles and tender documents 
  • Press releases, related to your business/company

Website and emails

  • Use on your website
  • Use on your direct emails

Social media and online profiles

  • Use on your social media sites such as (but not limited to) Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,  etc.
  • Use on other architectural profile sites, e.g Architizer,, AJ Buildings Library etc.


  • Editorial in online publications. e.g Dezeen, Architects’ Journal, Divisare, BDonline
  • Editorial in printed architectural trade publications. e.g Architectural Review, Architects’ Journal, Architecture Today.
  • Editorial in national press


  • Advertising use (paid advertising space, i.e. within a website or magazine) included is one media for two years or two media for one year. 


  • Submissions for industry awards

Time period

  • Unlimited use


  • Worldwide 
The fotohaus photographers asserts their moral right to be identified as the author wherever and whenever the photographs are used, copied or distributed by any means. All images © 'the photographer' and fotohaus ltd. Moral Rights Asserted. All Rights Reserved.
Reselling or providing the images to other parties
No image(s) can be resold or be made available for use by any other party other than the licence holder.
Manipulation / retouching 
Manipulation of the image may only take place with the permission of the Photographer/Fotohaus. Use of only a portion (crop) of the image is acceptable as long as the original meaning of the image(s) is not altered or used in a derogatory fashion.
Please also refer to our full terms and conditions.
If an additional or different licence/use is required please contact us. 
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