“Cracking pictures!”
Matt Dolman,
Sheppard Robson Architects

“Just superb. I am so impressed. They are just the sort of images that I have been hoping to see ever since the building (Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff) opened.”
Jonathan Adams, 
Capita Architecture

“Thank you for all your amazing photography and flexibility in getting shoots done for us – I have really enjoyed dealing with you and your work has given our brochures an extra edge.”
Barbara Kiernan,
Standard Life Investments

“I have been working with Fotohaus for over 4 years. The service they deliver us has to be exceptional, as we often depend on a range of photos from our recently completed construction projects to use immediately in our bidding and publicity documents. With often exceptionally tight deadlines, Fotohaus have never let me down. They work with me constantly to understand the nature and use the photos will be used for and are constantly challenging and improving their offering to us. The understanding Fotohaus has for our business and for how their photos are used sets them far apart from their competitors. I have used many other photographers, but always return to Fotohaus, as they offer a far superior product and reliability of service, focused around us, the customer”
Paul Taggart,
Wates Construction

“Fotohaus have a rare and outstanding ability to balance exquisite and delightful work with an inherent ability to understand their client’s needs. They are imaginative, responsive and respectful. God knows how good their buildings would be if they were Architects! I would consider them as the best photographers by a country mile.”
Simon Coles,
Stubbs Rich Architects

"I have worked with Fotohaus for over 10 years and have always been delighted with the work they produce. I introduced them to Willmott Dixon and in a blind test showing Fotohaus were clear winners, amongst a hand picked selection of architectural specialists. The work they produce is efficiently organised ,and always delights us when we see what we actually built and the use we put the images to. I would have no doubt in recommending Fotohaus – just not to my competitors!”
Phil Burgess,
Willmott Dixon

“The photographs of our projects are great not just because they look stunning, but because they convey our design ideas powerfully.”
Nicolas Khalili,
HWO Architects

“Absolutely brilliant – you absolutely got what it was about.”
Nick Childs,
Childs+Sulzmann Architects

“We are highly impressed with the Fotohaus expertise as professional photographers. They interpreted our brief perfectly and the pictures captured the essence of our buildings, and their design elements, in an astonishingly atmospheric way. Above all, they are a delight to work with – unfailingly relaxed, consummately professional and extremely focused.”
Andrew Lewis-Barned,

“Very impressive – better than I remember the building looking, in fact”
Stephen Richter,
JCMT Architects





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