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We have endeavored to create an easy to search database for our growing collection of images. As you can see there are numerous categories to browse. You can also enter keywords in the search box to narrow your choices. We have embedded keywords into all the image collections to respond to more selected searches. The scope of your search results will be determined by your selection of keywords.
Quick Search
By default the system uses "Match at least one keyword" for the quick search function. If you input "beautiful sunset" (without the quotes) into the quick search field, then the search function will return results for any media that contain either "beautiful" OR "sunset" in its properties. The system supports the "AND" and NOT" operands in the quick search function by the use of the plus sign (+) and minus sign (-) respectively in front of the keywords. If you input "beautiful +sunset" (without the quotes) into the search field, the system will only return results for any media that contain both keywords "beautiful" AND "sunset" in its properties. If you input "beautiful "sunset" (without the quotes) into the search field, the system will return results for any media that contain the keyword "beautiful", but this media can't contain the keyword "sunset" in its properties. Note: There must not any spaces between the second keyword and the input operands (+), (-) keywords.
Advanced Search
The advanced search function doesn"t use the same algorithms as above. It offers options allowing you to choose which operand you want to use for your searches. There are three options available: Match at least one keyword The system will return results for any media that contain either one of the input keywords in its properties. Match all keywords The system will only return results for any media that contain all input keywords in its properties. Match exact phrase The system will only return results for any media that contains the exact input keyword phrase in its properties.
The Lightbox
The Lightbox is your selection / collection of images. You may add up to 30 images to your lightbox. If you wish to purchase an image that is in your lightbox, click on the thumbnail to view the enlarged image. Select the items that you want to purchase and click on the "add to cart" button.
Shopping Cart
The shopping cart displays your order details, if you wish to delete an image from your order before proceeding to checkout, simply hit the remove link on the right side.
Checking Out and Payment
You will need to login to checkout your order. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form to create a username and password. This information is stored, so that you can return to the site to make future purchases, download images and print invoices. Online payment is by credit or debit card using our secure online payment processing or by calling us on (+44) 0845 226 9478. You can pay by invoice (sent to you within 30 days after your order); please contact us on 0845 226 9478 or email imagelibrary@fotohaus.co.uk to set up an account. All prices per image and ex vat.
This page shows your order history, allows you to download any instant download orders, and print any invoices.
Standard usage terms of Licence
See our specific guide to usage terms of licence.
All orders will receive a full vat receipt as a HTML or pdf file sent via email within 14 days of an order.
File format and sizing
See our specific guide to file formats and sizing. Please contact us if you require any further help regarding the file format and sizes; specifically if you have questions regarding a particular use for an image.
Colour Space
Colour space of the image file is Adobe RGB (1998)
We will verify and process your order; the images will be uploaded to a secure server and a link sent to you to download. Multiple images will be delivered by a zip folder. Large image orders (600mb+) will be provided on disk and sent in the post. We aim to process orders within 24 hours on working days (but can take up to 72 hours), with 90% of digital download orders processed and delivered within a few hours. Disks are sent out same or next day but depending on timing and the postal service can take a few days to arrive. We are always happy to prioritise an order so if you require images urgently please call (+44) 0845 226 9478.
Cancellation / refund / returns policy
If you have received the image files, either by download or disk then no refund will be given. If the order is in process and you have not yet received the image files then a full refund will be given. We aim to process any refunds within 3 working days. Please email us quoting your order number and name to imagelibrary@fotohaus.co.uk or by calling 0845 226 9478
Privacy policy
When we transfer and receive certain types of sensitive information such as financial details, we redirect visitors to a secure server. We only use financial details from any orders; all transactions are processed in real time by our merchant credit provider. We also have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site. Fotohaus Ltd general website and email privacy policy is available here. Our Cookie usage in relation to using this website is available here
Emails and contact information
The only emails you will receive from setting up an account or ordering via this website are those associated with any transaction/orders you make and any account related details for use within this website. We will not use any of your contact information for any other purpose and will not pass it on to any other party.
Moral rights and Copyright
The entire copyright in the Photographs is retained by the Photographer/Fotohaus at all times throughout the world. The Photographer asserts his/her statutory right to be identified in the circumstances set out in Sections 77-79 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any amendment or re-enactment thereof. The Photographer’s name has to be printed on or in reasonable proximity to all published reproductions (including online) of the photograph(s).
Terms and Conditions
All images sales and commissions are subject to your agreement of our Terms and Conditions, and of our End User Licence Agreement (EULA)




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